Awaken Retail

Providing mind, body, and soul with the nourishment it needs to be healthy without chemicals or synthetic means. 

About Us

Marni Beninger


Each of our team members is inspired and believe in what we are doing and where the company is going. We do not take “no” or “that’ll never work” for an answer. Each of our team members lives our core values and behaviours within our spaces and in their lives.  Our core values include Simplicity, Sustainability, Being a Genuinely Good Human, Self Improvement & Growth, and Connection.

Why Choose Us?

Awaken is a Heart-centred Business meaning:

We align our three P’s – Passion, Purpose, and Profit and Our 3 C’s – Create, Connection, and Community

We cultivate and connect with the deep belief that what we are doing in our business is making the world a better place

We create real and personal relationships and connections with our guests and community and over-deliver on value every time.

We are driven by the passion and motivation to provide something that impacts the lives of our guests and the world in a positive way.


Inside the lobby of the Prestige Lakeside Resort


701 Lakeside Drive, Nelson BC V1L 6G3

Store Hours

Sunday and Monday


Tuesday - Saturday